Wellcome to Allio Group

We are specialized in rapid prototyping and style master model for design and technical validations, as well as in designing and manufacturing all type of industrial tools.

Recognized by the biggest names in industry, our know-how and expertise in multi-process and multi-material allow us to take part on challenging projects, from pre-study to production stage, starting with yours.

01. Our Vision

A growth based on innovation and on continuous and sustainable development.

02. Our Mission

Our multilingual and multi trades team works to deliver the highest standard services and satisfy our customers by meeting their requirements in terms of quality, deadlines and costs.

03. Our Value

Thinking the automobile of tomorrow is in the DNA of Allio Group. Operational excellence is the backbone of our business. The heart of our group? Our people and our teams.

Group Allio's History

The rapid evolution and growth of Allio Group company was sustained by the increasing orders in the design and manufacture of mock-ups prototypes demonstrators, the wish to expand our production facilities in Europe and to be closer to our historical customers.

mock-ups prototypes demonstrators


Takeover of SNPMR company

In order to meet the needs of our customers in the design and manufacture of mock-ups prototypes demonstrators, particularly in the automotive optics and lamps field, Allio Group took over the Nouvelle PMR company, and developed its know-how and mastery, today unanimously recognized.



ALLIO ROMANIA company was created

Created in 2006 to expand production facilities and complete Allio Group’s tooling activity, ALLIO ROMANIA has convinced and retained customers by its seriousness and the quality of its achievements in specific tooling and particularly in checking fixtures.
The largest automotive equipment manufacturers and some manufacturers directly entrust their needs in means of control and production to ALLIO ROMANIA on French and Romanian markets, but also throughout Europe, in Russia or in South America.


Consolidation and studios opening near the design centers of french manufacturers in Magny-les-Hameaux

The efficiency and responsiveness are among the values that we are very committed to, in order to provide our clients an impeccable work and high quality.
To this end, the SNPMR company joined ATELIERS GILBERT GARCIA’s premises early 2014. This closeness allowed us to optimize costs and production time, in order to guarantee our customers the maximum efficiency for all of their projects and that the best price.

mock-ups prototypes demonstrators



Given the increasing orders in parts design, mock-ups and physical demonstrators mainly for style and technical validation use, for sectors such as the automotive or aerospace, Allio Group acquired Ateliers Gilbert Garcia. With its experience in this field, Ateliers Gilbert Garcia company, led by Allio Group, has enabled our customers to completely accomplish their projects.


Creation of a secondary office in  Yvelines (78)

In order to be closer to our historical customers, a structure was created in the department of Yvelines (78) in the Paris region. This structure, consisting of a CAD design department and demonstration offices, allows our team to perform the assemblies and finishing of our mock-ups, and to present to our customers the results of their projects.
This proximity, much appreciated by our customers, guarantees a high reactivity for each of their requests.