Allio Group's Videos

Automotive Prototyping and more

Allio Group, industrial expert in style and design invites you to watch some videos, a short glimpse of his mastery in automotive prototyping, prototypes, demonstrators, mockup, for automotive industry in Europe and worldwide. We also invite you to find more about our products and applications or services and know-how offered by the two entities of the Group, Allio Paris and Allio Romania (Bucharest).

A video tour in Allio Paris’ working spaces. See our experienced team at work for variour projects such as automotive prototyping, rapid prototyping, 3d printing SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), vacuum casting, design and the realization of prototype, pre-production, mass production moulds for thermoplastic injection. Our team can provide also chrome and signature finishing services. All our products are realised with precision and experience. We are using the newest technology and we invest in the training of our teams. See also more about our contribution to the Divine, Exalt, Cactus and other concept cars in matters of lighting and electronics.

Industrial expert in style and design, to industrialization, ALLIO GROUP specialises in the design and production of parts, models and prototype demonstrators, tooling, aluminum casting, machining, assembly, painting, control …