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The months of January and February have passed, however, we remain still, at the dawn of a new year. That is why I wish you to take the "right direction", that of development and success in your businesses. ALLIO GROUP has embarked on a process of improvement, change and important investment.

NL July 2014

Contribution to the Duster success story

Allio Romania has at his scale, contributed to the development of the new DUSTER from DACIA-RENAULT, on the market since the end of the year 2013.

NL april 2017


Ateliers Gilbert Garcia, a division of ALLIO GROUP, has just obtained the CIR (Research Tax Credit) of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research for a period of three years (until the end of 2018). Leading R & D Leverage thanks to an annual envelope of nearly 6 billion euros, it allows you to amortize 30% of your research investments up to 100 million euros and 5% beyond.